‘MageMaze’ is a turn-based puzzle adventure game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Play as Norse warrior Svenn the Svaliant to explore the dungeon maze of Yngvarr the Ynvoker and rearrange the maze itself, making the gameplay incredibly dynamic , challenging, and fun!

Svenn is on a quest to explore the dungeon of the sinister mage Yngvarr the Ynvoker in order to rescue the villagers' gold. As you navigate the catacombs, Yngvarr unleashes fearsome beasts to dissuade you from your progress. In the game you'll

  • Arm yourself with different weapons!
  • Face many different monster types, each with their own distinct behavior!
  • Avoid traps, fight boss-battles, and enjoy multiple kinds of in-game challenges.
  • Equip yourself with many different kinds of power-ups and equipment.
  • 50 levels of increasingly challenging fun!
  • Interesting story-line, engaging characters and witty repartee.
  • Catchy music!

In the game, you can either click on any tile adjacent to Svenn to move him there, or click and drag any tile in the maze to slide an entire row or column of tiles. Continuously rearrange the playing field to Svenn’s advantage! (And if you’re not doing so, ye gods, whose side are you on anyhow?!) You’ll have to keep your wits about you to navigate the constantly-changing maze, get the gold, svanquish the monsters, rescue the young lady, and withstand the barrage of Yngvarr’s snarky insults.

[Disclaimer] This demo is just a small part of the final game. The final product will feature 50 levels of Story mode, Infinite and Hardcore modes, achievements, leaderboards, boss fights, further witty dialogue and much more.

If there are any problems you find, or even just little things that annoy you or that you just don't get, we are quite eager for feedback! Please e-mail info@mage-maze.com with any comments.

MageMaze is created and owned by Michael Dashow & Kristof Minnaert.
All rights reserved. Copyright © 2013 Michael Dashow & Kristof Minnaert.
Sound & music design by Output Audio